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The Minister Wore Pink

On Sunday, Dec. 13/09 the congregation of Central Westside was led in worship by the Sunday School teachers and students. The service was different but inspiring and the children did an excellent job in singing, reading, doing a skit and presenting a meaningful message. They chose to have a “pink” rather than a white gift […]

Resource Centre Scoop

Muriel Lush displays a collection from Resource Centre in the Friendship Room recently. (Photo by Doreen Fawcett) Winter is finally bidding us a lingering farewell. Ahead is the warmth and bright sunlight of spring. Just arrived at the Resource Centre are: Sharing Circle, a First Nations story, Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroes and Praying […]

The Candle of Love, A message from Rev.David Guiliano

Jennifer and Doreen decided that United Church Moderator, Rev.David Guiliano’s message is too heart warming not to share with those who may have missed it. Here it is from United Church of Canada website which also has a video for those who would like to watch him in action. http://www.united-church.ca/communications/news/moderator/071210 Greetings, friends, in this season […]

Easter Joy

An Easter Blessing of three years ago is celebrated again this year by Sarah Lauren Pringle’s family. The story of her birth is told by proud grandmother, Choir Director Judy Pringle. You’ve heard of Christmas Joy, well our family is celebrating Miss Sarah Lauren Pringle’s third birthday on Easter Sunday. She was born two months […]

Cows have rhythm – in green pastures…..

Central Westside Member Bert Armstrong took advantage of an Open Barn event at the farm of our choir director, Judy and her husband, Bob Pringle recently. Here’s how he saw it: The big thing at Pringle’s Dairy Farm is milk, although the visit started with coffee and cookies served in the milk house, Judy made […]

Recipé for Peace

The 1st Owen Sound Girl Guide Company took over production of a recent service at the church and we reproduce here a thoughtful sermon written and read by their leader, Annette Gilroy. Recipé for Peace Wouldn’t it be nice if there weren’t so much killing going on right now in Afghanistan, if the Muslims and […]