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Cows have rhythm – in green pastures…..

Central Westside Member Bert Armstrong took advantage of an Open Barn event at the farm of our choir director, Judy and her husband, Bob Pringle recently. Here’s how he saw it: The big thing at Pringle‚Äôs Dairy Farm is milk, although the visit started with coffee and cookies served in the milk house, Judy made […]

April Fool’s Joke? Our minister reflects on dates and destiny

Many years ago I participated in an April Fool’s joke. It involved CBC Radio in New Brunswick, the game of Scrabble and some unpronounceable names. The situation that we set up was so believable that it fooled members of my congregation who listened to me preach every Sunday and who also listened to CBC Radio. […]

Lenten Contemplation

Our minister, Rev.David Shearman, was in a contemplative mood recently. Here’s his sermon: I’d like you to think, for a moment, about what it would mean to have an empty wallet or purse. No money. Not a penny. No credit cards. No bank cards. No driver’s license. No health card. No SIN card No little […]