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Light Up Costa Rica

Anne Otterbein reports a successful project:
Our Sunday School children, with the help of the congregation, raised enough money to provide a complete solar lighting system to three families in Costa Rica.
Monroe Murphey introduced the project sponsored by Owen Sound Y Service Club of which Monroe is also a member.
Here’s how it worked: every day for a whole month, each participating family were asked to donate small change based on simple everyday items and happenings. Some suggested donations were a nickel for every pair of shoes in the closet or for every TV in the home. And 50 cents each time you went skating or tobogganing wearing a warm jacket. The children hoped to raise enough money for one system and were thrilled that they could send three systems to families living in the rain forest.
The purpose of this project is to provide Indigenous families in remote areas of Costa Rica with environmentally friendly lighting in the homes.The solar powered lighting systems provided are for reading, cooking and extending the workday for families. The solar system also provides power to radios as well as powering rechargeable batteries eliminating the use of battery operated lighting which is expensive, non-recyclable and when batteries are thrown away, can leach their poisonous contents into the ground. This is a vast environmental problem throughout the developing world.

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