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A True Story About Playing Cards

I came into the office this morning to find that a large box of playing
cards had been left for me. There were fifty decks in the box. I opened one.
They were lovely playing cards; very smooth and with large, easily readable
numbers on them. But there was a hole in the center of each card and each
package. The logo on each card said “Casino Rama”.
I asked our secretary about where the box had come from. It seems they had
been dropped off by one of our saints, who is part of a group in the
congregation that sponsor and run card parties here. They are a good
fundraiser. The “card circuit” in our city is a moveable feast of bridge,
euchre and pepper players, who come to play cards, eat, and move on. They
purchase tickets to play cards for an afternoon. They love it and so do we.
The cards were used, although in excellent shape, and had come from the
First Nations casino over near Orillia, about two hours away. The
instructions from our saint, that came with the box, were simple; “could
David bless the cards so we can use them?”
Not having a prayer for the blessing of cards at hand, and knowing that even
the internet would come up short on this one, I was reminded that in the
United Church we dedicate things in the church and then make them holy by
our use of them. I’m not sure if we need to formally dedicate the playing
cards in worship, but I am certain we can make them holy by using them.
Knowing that our Methodist forebears are spinning in their graves, I have
to ask ” Whose deal is it?”
— David

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