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Resource Centre Scoop

Muriel Lush displays a collection from Resource Centre in the Friendship Room recently.
(Photo by Doreen Fawcett)
Winter is finally bidding us a lingering farewell. Ahead is the warmth and bright sunlight of spring.
Just arrived at the Resource Centre are: Sharing Circle, a First Nations story, Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroes and Praying with Icons by Jim Forest. Available soon will be The First Paul by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan and A People’s History of Christianity by Diane Butler Bass.
For Mother’s Day, why not buy a copy of on the Spirituality of…books? My choice for right now is The spirituality of Gardening by Dona Sinclair. It is a beautifully illustrated coffee table sized volume in which she links gardening with our faith. How can one not think of the creator as he or she works the warm soil and set the eager young petunias or green onions in place? Leaving them there and trusting they will grow and thrive is evidence of one’s belief. One who plants a garden plants joy. You can browse other books in the series: The Spirituality of Nature, The Spirituality of Art are in stock. Many others can be ordered.
If you are a Sunday School teacher or superintendent, come in and choose an appropriate curriculum for your children. Seasons of the Spirit is always in demand. It is lectionary based and available in print, on disc or you can access it online! You may also wish to take a look at Godly Play books.
Do you need program material for a small group or inspiration for a sermon? Let us help you find a video or a new collection of programs for the church year. There is a Season is a favourite; Betty Radford Turcotte has prepared easily given devotions complete with a call to worship, prayer, scripture, suggested hymns, a meditation and a closing prayer. Other titles include: If God is so Good, Why do I Hurt so Bad? What’s in the Bible and How do I Use it? Not Alone – Encouragement for Caregivers.
Now that Spirit Connection is off the air, you can borrow a video from our extensive collection to catch up with missed episodes or see them all! We have many other titles too numerous to mention.
Drop in Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and browse. You will be welcomed.
Grey Presbytery Resource Centre hours are Tuesday 2-6 p.m. and Thursday noon to 4 p.m. Call us at (519) 371-3672, or contact Muriel Lush

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