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Successful Community Kitchen held at Central Westside

Surrounded by young moms and babies, Doreen remarked how nice it was to have all the generations working together.  Our Community Kitchen held in May at Central Westside United Church was very successful. Marion and Doreen from Central Westside Church, Ann and Marilyn from the Health Unit, Ashley, a student volunteer, Teresa, a dietician student, Bethany, my daughter, and the young moms and a dad, prepared nutritious, low budget meals together.  
It was heart warming to see the young women learning some kitchen skills under the tutelage of Marion and Doreen. We arranged for two women from the Salvation Army Daycare to provide childcare in the church nursery.  The children played upstairs until lunch was prepared and then we all ate together.  
Modelling table manners, passing food, staying at the table until everyone was finished, no TV on and eating at a table were experienced by participants; all things that often fall by the wayside in busy homes.
We had guest speakers come in and talk to us in the kitchen while food was cooking.   Paul, a Public Health Inspector, discussed food safety (did you know that leftovers shouldn’t be kept in the fridge for over three days?)  Me neither!
Kathryn, Health Unit Dietician, came for a visit as did Diane from the Ontario Early Years Centre.  The OEYC is a place for parents to get together, learn new skills and discuss parenting issues.  The three Ontario Early Years Centres in Owen Sound are at St. Georges Church, Bayview School and M’Wekwedong Native Friendship Centre.
All in all, the Community Kitchen was a positive experience.  It was good to meet new friends and learn some new skills and it would be great to have it again some time.
submitted by Ann Boddy, Public Health Grey Bruce.

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