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Faith Books Plus News

Ever since September of 1988, Grey Presbytery Resource Centre has operated in the basement of Central Westside United Church. (When I pause to think about it, the church was still Westside United Church then. Central United and Westside United came together in 1994. )
It’s 21 years since that September beginning, now the Resource Centre has re-opened as Faith Books Plus.
I have always felt at home in this building with this congregation and this presbytery. But as Grey Presbytery ceased to exist and became Northern Waters Presbytery, the Resource Centre was destined to close. It was extremely affirming to receive an invitation from Central Westside United Church to re-open as an outreach ministry of their congregation. I am excited to be part of this new ministry.
We are here to serve you in this ministry of books, audio-visuals, networking, and Christian Education. The internet widens our ability to access information much more quickly than in the past. You are always welcome to drop in on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon just to browse and ask questions or to purchase or order.
We are anxious to serve people in the surrounding area outside the United Church. We await your visit.
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Feasting on the Word

This is the title of what will be a series which will cover all the Sundays in the three year lectionary cycle. For a limited time, you can save $17.00 on the current volume which includes Advent and Christmas. Ministers are raving about this series edited by David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor with a long list of contributors including Walter Brueggeman, Martin E. Marty, and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale. Very sound comprehensive and ecumenical material.

More Voices

The latest music resource (in the United Church) has become very popular, introducing many pieces new to us. Examples are “Put Peace into Each Others’ Hands”, and “My Love Colours Outside the Lines” These coil backed books are constant sellers to anyone who loves music. To help them last longer, the Faith Books Plus now has protective vinyl jackets available. Price $1.30.

Voices United Accompaniment CD’s

Voices United is still our “main” hymnbook. The United Church is producing a 12 volume collection of music from Voices United with a few from More Voices, played on piano or organ. They are meant as accompaniment for congregational singing but can be used in countless ways. Examples include: small group ministries church camps, Vacation Bible School, nursing home ministry, or just for music to play while driving!
In small churches with only one pianist, these CD’s will be great when that person has to be absent. Don’t forget to bring the CD player! We now have seven volumes available including two for the Advent-Epiphany season. Price $19.95

Advent Awakenings

Continuing a tradition begun in 2008, the United Church has published “Advent Awakenings”: Daily Devotions for the Season of Advent, Year C.
The first entry for Week One of Advent questions, “As a Child of Light what might I need to guard my heart from during this Advent Season”? In other words, is it really essential to remove and clean behind the control knobs on the stove to get ready for the birth of the Christ child? That provides food for thought. Price: $8.95

Jesus 24/7

Another exciting resource which one of “my” congregations has already used and really appreciated is Jesus 24/7: A Short Course on Faith for the Questing Christian. The course is set up for 12 sessions, one for each of the statements embodied in “A New Creed”. The writer, David Bruce, is quick to say “I consider it more important to sort out what it means to follow Jesus than what the United Church or any other denomination “officially” believes. So, invite your friends of whatever denomination to come and learn and share. Price $16.95 There is now a similar workbook for teens. Price: $14.95
Hours are Tuesday 2-6 p.m. and Thursday noon to 4 p.m. Call us at (519) 371-3672, or contact me at muriell@centralwestside.ca
Muriel Lush
Faith Books Plus

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