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Many Facets to Writing Workshop

Three women from our congregation participated in a November Saturday afternoon Writing Workshop held at Annesley United Church in Markdale. Muriel Lush, from FaithBooksPlus, and the Rev. Donna Mann conducted the 3-hour session which they divided into three sections. Arriving early we waited for our start time and were joined by five other women, none of whom we knew. Polite greetings were exchanged and we sat quietly in our own small groupings.
Muriel began by welcoming all of us and explaining how the afternoon was expected to unfold. Muriel, who ran the Presbytery Resource Centre, now called Faith Books Plus and part of our ministry in Central Westside, shared with us some of her personal stories and how she became interested in writing about them.
Then it was Donna Mann’s turn to tell us about her path through life, her younger self, her daughter’s tragic death, her journey through grief, her writing about grief, which led her eventually to counseling and the ministry. Donna, who has written many books, gave us tips on how to start the creative juices flowing. She pointed out the simple things in our day to day lives which can trigger a flood of memories or opinions which can be put to paper. She is a popular speaker and it was easy to see why with her easy manner and quiet enthusiasm.
We had been instructed to bring along something which we had written to share with the others, so after a break for a tasty nosh, it was our turn. The stories were read one by one around the circle. As each story was read we were all given a chance to comment. These were such amazing pieces, written with candour, feeling, amusement, acceptance of ourselves and those with whom we share this walk through life.
When the afternoon was over we realized that the eight people who had been sitting separately in the anteroom had become a special group of friends with a common interest in telling our stories. Well done, Muriel and Donna. Thanks for the gentle push to tap into our creativity.
Rosemary Fenwick
Communications Committee

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